How to get a grip on Cyber Security

Audrey says: We should all take a minute to read this article about protecting ourselves, and simple steps to check we’re secure. People Management asks a data defence expert for his advice “If you follow half a dozen of these basic tips the majority of your vulnerabilities will disappear overnight. Most attacks are not sophisticated and they …


Dismissing employees – Fair treatment for all?

Applying alternative sanctions to employees may not make a dismissal unfair In the case MBNA v Jones, the EAT had to decide whether treating employees guilty of gross misconduct inconsistently could result in a dismissal being unfair. Dismissals for gross misconduct will only be fair if the employer: believes the employee is guilty of gross …


Global Entrepreneurship Week 17-22 November 2015

Next week is GEW,  the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Each year, it plays a critical role in encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to consider starting up their own business. – See more at:


Stress at work can reduce life expectancy by up to three years, finds study

Audrey says: When you read this article, it might occur to you that some of your own people are suffering from stress. If so, do please call me. We have specialist help at The Way Ahead. Impact varies depending on race, gender and education Harmful workplace practices could be directly impacting employees’ life spans, according to …


Dates for your Training – Oct-Dec 2015

Now’s the time to update your people skills!


Leadership and Management – Level 5 – Units – Group 2

Group 2 Reference Unit title Level CV* GLH** 8607-400 Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance 4 4 15 8607-401 Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity 4 4 6 8607-402 Managing Equality and Diversity in Own Area 4 4 12 8607-403 Managing Risk in the Workplace 4 3 6 8607-404 Delegating Authority in …


Why don’t managers `engage’?

Audrey says: Sadly, this extract from a recent study of 1,500 employees of large Western European businesses shows that managers still aren’t learning how to get the best out of their staff – simply by communicating better with them. UK stats show: 56 % said their line managers were average, poor or very poor at …


Unclear goals and expectations contribute to wasted time at work, say employees

Audrey says:  It’s not just ME saying that leaders need to be SMARTER: Study shows leaders need to define what efficiency means for their organisation Inefficient processes (44 per cent), an overload of paperwork (43 per cent) and constant meetings (41 per cent) are contributing to dwindling productivity levels across the world, according to research. And despite …


Opinion: Are line managers really that bad?

Audrey says: Do you agree with this article? If so, lets’ do something about it, eh? Our negative view of managers might be the last ‘acceptable’ prejudice at work, but that must change, argues Octavius Black In popular culture managers are either: buffoons, think ‘The Office’; or beasts, as in ‘Horrible Bosses’. The latter created …


Benchmark for excellence!

Audrey says: Following my post about getting a reputation as a `quality’ employer, how about this new benchmark standard: Quality assurance experts BSI launch benchmark for excellence BSI, the UK National Standards body, has published its new standard for people management. The catchily named ‘BS 76000 Human resource – Valuing people – Management system – Requirements’ is …

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