Quarter UK workforce receive insufficient training & development

As I keep saying – you need help from us atThe Way Ahead! Have a look at this article from CIPD: A lack of training and development for the UK’s workforce is a “significant concern” for the future of business, experts have warned, after research revealed that 25 per cent of UK employees believe they …


Social networking – but with whom …?

Within The Way Ahead, I must admit to being somewhat `cautious’ when approached by people I don’t know/haven’t heard of who wish to connect with me. Am I right or wrong? Have a look at the article below (from People Management) about the `hidden’ benefits of social networking! Accidentally sending out hundreds of LinkedIn requests …


On your feet!

Those of us long enough in the tooth will remember that the old `British Telecom’ used to train people to stand up when using the telephone. So, instead of remaining slouched at your desk, thus making it more difficult to breathe and get oxygen into your brain to enable you to think more clearly, stand …


Danger of losing good staff this year …?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May the Team at The Way Ahead wish you a successful 2015, and we look forward to having an opportunity of working with you this year.  Looking at the percentages below, it sounds as if you may be calling on our help with training and development! What may be a bit worrying for …


UK managers: `Quality not improved’

 Report finds failure to boost managers’ skills is behind weak productivity A failure to boost UK management skills is a key reason for the UK’s long-standing productivity weakness as the country continues to trail behind productivity leaders such as Germany and the USA, CIPD research has found. The report ‘Are UK organisations getting better at managing …


Seasonal wellbeing survival guide

8-step Christmas wellbeing survival guide Christmas is coming (you may have noticed) and this year it feels as though stores, suppliers and advertisers have gone bigger than ever, with the result that seasonal fatigue is already setting in for many of us. With activities ramping up at work and at home, there’s an art to …


Is someone watching you right now – without your knowledge?

Given all the very disturbing news we’re hearing about `trusted’ people in important posts abusing the trust of others – most notably by taking inappropriate videos without knowledge or permission – there’s a timely -and scary! – reminder from the ICO, the Government’s Information Commissioner’s Office. In particular, the ICO draws our attention to a Russian-based website …


The holiday pay rule – is it time to start panicking?

Here’s a sobering conundrum for all employers who pay either overtime, or commissions to employees. This article by Claire Churchard, in CIPD’s People Management today:  Limits on backdated claims, but calculation of pay must change. An employee’s week in the Algarve could now cost their employer more in holiday pay if that staff member works …


Schedule-Courses & Workshops dates

Forthcoming dates for your diary-2015: Bite–size  2-hour sessions    (08:30-10:30am) January    7th:  `The 10 Harry files’ – Teamwork 14th:     Preventing Stress at Work 20th:  `The 10 Harry files’ – Customer care February    5th: `The 10 Harry files’ – Time management    9th:   Resolving Conflict in the Workplace 18th:  `The 10 Harry files’ – Setting goals …


Is mental illness still a taboo at work?

Given the wide coverage in the news media today, this timely article brings home to us the need to take more care of our people, and help them spot the signs, symptoms and causes of stress in the workplace: Georgina Fuller asks why mental illness is still a taboo in the workplace and what can …

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