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Employers face ‘zero tolerance’ approach to training apprentices

New guidance reveals organisations will be held responsible for making sure apprenticeship programmes tick all the boxes Employers must take responsibility for apprentices’ off-the-job training, according to government guidelines published yesterday. The newly published guidelines lay out further details of the apprenticeship levy’s training requirements, which employers and providers will be expected to comply with …


Five ways to make your voice sound great at work

Smiling, sticking your tongue out and breathing differently can all change the way you speak From bedtime stories as young children, right through to adults in a business meeting, we feel safe with and believe speakers who have confident, relaxed and warm voices. But often in pressured work situations nerves get in the way and …


Red or Green? How do we all see Christmas colours?

Are Christmas trees green…or red? Is Father Christmas’ outfit red …or green? This video might help!


Older workers are most talented employees!

Older workers are perceived as the most talented and employable of all underrepresented demographic groups in the workforce, according to a new CIPD survey of more than 2,000 HR managers and line managers – with disabled people and migrant workers also scoring highly. The Attitudes to employability and talent report, which explored views towards employability, saw workers …


Six ways to inject wellness into your workplace

Designing your office with employee wellbeing in mind can be an inexpensive but effective way to boost productivity and engagement. From health screenings and free vaccinations to gym subscriptions and bike loans, wellness initiatives are now a vital component of leading HR practitioners’ strategic toolkits. Although these initiatives are welcome, and undoubtedly well-intentioned, they often …


• Opinion: the case for soft skills has never been more concrete

It’s never been more crucial for firms to invest in soft skills – and it’s not difficult for L&D to make the business case for investment either. The crucial importance of soft skills to organisations of all shapes and sizes is not a new phenomenon. ‘Soft’ skills – such as communication, creativity, and problem solving …


The five most common employer excuses for discrimination disputes

And top tips to avoid making the same mistakes The concept of equality in the workplace, and legislation to protect employees from being subject to discrimination, have been in place for many years. But the reality is that many employers still fall into the trap of discriminating against employees and potentially face hefty compensation claims …


Flexible working boosts profits and productivity

High-speed mobile data services enables ‘profound and rapid shift’ in work practices In one of the largest global workplace surveys of its kind, 83 per cent of respondents said adopting flexible working had resulted in improvements in productivity. Results from the research with 8,000 global employers and employees, conducted by Vodafone, also showed that 61 per …


Half of workers hunting for new job

….because of unhappiness over pay, promotion prospects and heavy workloads. Audrey says:     That’s 50%!  Come on, employers! Don’t waste your most important resource! Look after them.   A survey of 2,000 adults found that 20% are already job hunting. The Investors in People poll revealed a third of workers were miserable in their job, partly because of …


How to get a grip on Cyber Security

Audrey says: We should all take a minute to read this article about protecting ourselves, and simple steps to check we’re secure. People Management asks a data defence expert for his advice “If you follow half a dozen of these basic tips the majority of your vulnerabilities will disappear overnight. Most attacks are not sophisticated and they …

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