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`Make your own’, or buy in talent?

Audrey says: If only some employers would pause and consider just how much it costs them – not only directly – through recruiting costs, but also indirectly – through the time they have to spend on such an exercise, they might think more about developing `their own’. Often, I hear the mantra: “It’s not worth spending …


Women over 55 best suited to lead transformational change, finds PwC

Audrey says: “Music to my `old’ ears!” HR encouraged to expand traditional definition of talent Employers are being urged to look beyond traditional talent pools as businesses face a stark shortfall of strategic leaders able to deliver successful transformation. According to research from PwC’s consulting business, just 8 per cent of senior managers have strategist …


Management Quality – are we suffering?

At The Way Ahead, our team’s experiences of training and developing people, spread over the past 30 years, endorses the trends we now see in the reduction in quality of many managers today. What do you think of this article, and more importantly, does it apply to your business? If it does, then please let us …


Sexism lives! – BOOK REVIEW

(From Audrey): During my banking career, I saw a lot of `glass ceiling’ situation. But that was years ago! Who would have thought that – for today’s emancipated females – the problem is alive and kicking. Have a look at this book review from CIPD: “The girl will be off in six months to have babies and we will …


Show me the money!

HR urged to consider behavioural factors when shaping pay and benefits A better understanding of behavioural psychology is vital if HR and reward professionals are to improve their pay and benefits strategies. This is the finding of a new report – Show me the money – the behavioural science of reward – published by the CIPD. According …


Protective practices for working with LinkedIn

How do you stop staff leaving your employment, with your customer database under their arm…? Some of our business clients at The Way Ahead have suffered the consequences of losing income as a result. We have helped them to write IT policies about the use of social media. So, this CIPD article is a timely reminder: …


Quarter UK workforce receive insufficient training & development

As I keep saying – you need help from us atThe Way Ahead! Have a look at this article from CIPD: A lack of training and development for the UK’s workforce is a “significant concern” for the future of business, experts have warned, after research revealed that 25 per cent of UK employees believe they …


Social networking – but with whom …?

Within The Way Ahead, I must admit to being somewhat `cautious’ when approached by people I don’t know/haven’t heard of who wish to connect with me. Am I right or wrong? Have a look at the article below (from People Management) about the `hidden’ benefits of social networking! Accidentally sending out hundreds of LinkedIn requests …


On your feet!

Those of us long enough in the tooth will remember that the old `British Telecom’ used to train people to stand up when using the telephone. So, instead of remaining slouched at your desk, thus making it more difficult to breathe and get oxygen into your brain to enable you to think more clearly, stand …


Danger of losing good staff this year …?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May the Team at The Way Ahead wish you a successful 2015, and we look forward to having an opportunity of working with you this year.  Looking at the percentages below, it sounds as if you may be calling on our help with training and development! What may be a bit worrying for …

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