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Expert warnings that migration limits will reduce available talent still stand

The number of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals working in Britain rose by eight per cent in the second quarter of this year, much less than some predicted after border controls were lifted in January.


Jobs before family …?

Staff voice serious concerns about their poor work-life balance A third of employees said their bosses believe the most productive workers put their job before their family, according to a survey about relationships by counseling service Relate. The research also revealed the difficulties many staff have balancing work and family life with more than a …


White teeth in the workplace?

Nearly half of companies considering a dental plan according to research Denplan’s newly renamed ‘Denplan Health and Wellbeing Survey 2014’ has evolved this year to reflect that fact that dental plans are rising in popularity as employee benefits. In fact, they are viewed by employees as one of the most important benefit in demonstrating their …

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