Danger of losing good staff this year …?


ILM for FooterHAPPY NEW YEAR!  May the Team at The Way Ahead wish you a successful 2015, and we look forward to having an opportunity of working with you this year.  Looking at the percentages below, it sounds as if you may be calling on our help with training and development!

What may be a bit worrying for some employers – but potentially exciting for those looking for new staff – is the survey recently completed by the ILM:

“More than a third of employees plan to change jobs in 2015

Opportunity for progression top priority for UK workers, survey reveals

With 37 per cent of UK workers planning to leave their current job in 2015, a survey from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has revealed a dramatic increase in potential employee turnover from 2014.

One fifth (19 per cent) of employees planned to move jobs when the same survey was conducted last year – a slight increase on 2013 levels of 13 per cent – with a further 31 per cent unsure whether to look for a new job.

But according to the survey of more than 1,000 UK workers and managers, this year employees want more from their job than better pay.

Almost three-fifths of respondents (59 per cent) want more development opportunities, compared to 56 per cent of employees hoping for an increase in salary. Half of those surveyed said a more interesting role would tempt them to change jobs.

Charles Elvin, ILM chief executive said January was a popular time for workers to consider the future of their employment.

“With an improving economy and more fruitful job market, it is important that employers realise that it’s likely they will have to work harder to keep their talented employees,” he said.

“This means prioritising managing the talent pipeline within the organisation to make sure staff have opportunities to develop and progress.”

The survey also revealed that staff are feeling increasingly undervalued by their managers, with 25 per cent of those planning to leave because they feel underappreciated in their current role.

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of employees looking for a new job this year said better management would tempt them to take a new role, while 27 per cent of respondents are looking for more training and development.

“All staff want to feel that they are appreciated by their organisation so it’s crucial that companies actively recognise the efforts and talents of their employees,” Charles said.

“Companies may want to adapt to this new improved climate, by acknowledging where staff have excelled and moulding opportunities for them to advance.”

According to survey results last year, 31 per cent of employees said they wanted to spend more time doing things they enjoy away from the workplace.

Just 18 per cent of respondents to the 2015 survey said more opportunities for flexible working was a priority for them when looking for a new role, and 3 per cent are looking for better options for parental leave.

Grace Lewis, People Management, 5 January 2015

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