“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!”


The One Minute ManagerHaving `grown up’ in the business world with the benefit of being exposed to some great `bite-size’ books published in the mid-1980’s, like Kenneth Blanchard’s `One Minute Manager’ series, I tend to forget than not everyone has had the opportunity of reading such practical guides to getting better organised in today’s digital melee.

I’ve just been re-reading snippets from the book during a training session on Time management to a local company’s management team – and realised how much I remembered of the one-liners!

So, if as Mr Blanchard  and co-authors put it, you’re keen to “increase productivity, profits and your own prosperity’, check out eBay for a discounted copy. And you’ll see that there’s a whole host of associated books, like `Putting The One Minute Manager to Work”. There really are some great, easy-to-read practical tips on how to improve people management, at all levels.


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