Helping `Hapless Harry’!


Audrey-For Indv. team PageBest intentions don’t always mean best results

Have you got a `Harry’ in your business? Everyone will recognise part of themselves in Harry because he is not the perfect manager. He does some things well but he makes mistakes, too. He forgets basic principles and although he tries hard and means well he is often overcome by events.

Harry is a typical manager, trying to juggle his precious time dealing with a variety of situations in which he finds himself and his team – communicating with staff, teamwork, managing change, time management, customer care, preventing stress, setting objectives, absenteeism, motivating staff, performance management…….

So, should we help him? You bet we should! The consequences of not doing so:

missed deadlines

customer complaints

lost revenue

jobs not done properly – or not done at all

poor communication leading to tension and conflict

losing good staff through bad management

the list goes on …..!

Well, none of us is perfect. In my view, we all need to strive and continue to learn until we leave this earth. So, if you have a Harry working in your business, please help him. And – if you don’t have either the time or inclination to do it yourself, then please call on us. We can help through bite-size workshops, tailored training, or 1-2-1 business coaching – you choose.

It’s our job!

Audrey Davies The Way Ahead Training.

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