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Golden Oldies Unite!

Golden OldiesAre you in the 50+ age? If so, you have a bright future!

Even only as far back as 10 years ago, anyone over the age of 49 was considered `past it’. Quite often then, the final 10 years of working life was seen as a gentle wind-down to retirement. Until well-known retail employer B&Q came along, and deliberately starting recruiting older people because of their skills in good customer service. That shook the proverbial tree!

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The TelgraphMore evidence has emerged that Britons are working longer into older age and that employers are having to become increasingly skilled at managing an ageing workforce.

Almost one in three companies expects the number of employees over the age of 60 to increase significantly by 2020, according to the latest study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This is broadly in line with the expectation that the Government will extend the state pension to 70 and beyond, forcing more people to stay in work.

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For Employers

“Employers urged to recognise the business benefits of longer working lives”CIPD

As people in the UK live longer, the government has launched an action plan to help employers make the most of older workers’ potential.
The government warned employers they must not ignore this fundamental shift in the age distribution of the UK’s workforce with Office for National Statistics predictions that there will be 700,000 fewer people aged 16 to 49 in the next 10 years but 3.7 million more people aged between 50 and state pension age.”

So – if you want help in developing your own talent – for B&Q, for gaining employment, or maybe for starting up your own business, please contact Audrey, who will be very pleased to give some support and guidance.

Recently, this article appeared in the respected CIPD
(Chartered Institute of Professional Development)

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