Need better Maths & English?

Financial competence is crucial if a person is to make sure that they can support themselves and their family throughout a month, and yet many people simply don’t have these skills.Similarly, many people have left school without being able to spell properly, or compose a wells-structured sentence. If you have been let down by the education system, and feel you need a help up, then please call us for a `no-obligation’ free diagnostic.

Progression towards proficiency in English

  • Readingproficiency in english
  • Writing to compose
  • Understanding sentences
  • Using sentences
  • Listen and respond
  • Speaking
  • Discussion skills

Progression towards proficiency in Maths

  • proficiency in mathsWhole numbers
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Formulas
  • Ratios
  • Direct proportions, Probaility
  • Shape, Space and measure
  • Compare and interpret data