Coaching & Mentoring for Business


Our objectives in coaching and mentoring individuals are to improve the expertise of the people working within your organisation so that the skill levels are enhanced and people become more effective in their working environment.

There are a number of methods of helping people to develop and to solve problems in the workplace and they can be summed up as:

– giving the person options or information

– teaching or informing

– encouraging the person to take responsibility for dealing with a problem i.e. to help themselves

– the coach creates a relationship of trust and honesty that makes it more conducive for them to learn

– can be a combination of counselling and coaching and involves a person who takes responsibility for helping a person achieve potential and can involve giving advice.

We agree with you which option(s) will best suit them and your business – and start from there!

Prices from £99*

(* Incl. VAT)

Initial `no obligation’ discussion with you to identify their personal development training needs.