Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Training Needs Analysis that reveals what is needed to keep your workforce tip-topHappy people Why is Training Needs Analysis important? Almost everyone we meet shudders when you mention the word `Appraisal’ – bosses and employees alike. Why is this? A successful business involves continuous improvement in all the resources we manage – especially the people. Sadly, it seems there are bad experiences of the whole process. Managers don’t prepare properly either the appraisee or themselves for the event, and quite often do it on the spur of the moment: “Hey, John! I’ve got a quick 5 minutes. Shall we do it now …?”. Is that really an effective way to get the best out of someone?

The Way Ahead’s team has a passion for helping business leaders to improve their bottom line by becoming better managers of performance. Adopting the `5WH’s’ principles:

`What, Why, When, How, Where, Who’

is  a good place to start! If your company identifies the training needs of the entire workforce – and plans accordingly for their necessary development – then employees are more likely to feel recognised, involved and even more willing to go that extra mile for the company.

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