ILM Qualifications


Recognising Talent

If you’re a team leader, supervisor or manager looking towards advancing in your career, why not consider gaining recognition for the knowledge and skills you have – or developing those you may need to have in your next job?

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What is ILM?

The Institute of Leadership & Mangement (ILM) is Europe’s leading management organisation. ILM partners with more than 95,000 individuals and organisations each year to help them fulfill their potential and achieve success through its wide range of flexible leadership and management development solutions.

Learning with ILM

What managers say:

“93% of employers see tangible increase in their managers’ capability after an ILM qualification

As an approved centre, The Way Ahead can help you to achieve success in getting your talent recognised. We’ll deliver practical, work-based training and development for you in bite-size chunks. You can choose from either 1-2-1 coaching sessions, attendance on group workshops, learning at a distance – or a blend of all three, whichever best fits your situation.

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