Malcolm Pitcher

Part of Malcolm’s current role on behalf of The Way Ahead is to carry out on-site employer Health and Safety Risk Assessments, to ensure that apprentices are working in a safe environment. Malcolm spent 25 years in Retail management operations in various parts of the UK. He spent a lot of that time in Culture Change management and company restructuring where Health & Safety, Human Resources and Performance Management were key drivers in the day to day operation to achieve the company change objectives. These businesses ranged in turnover from £3m to £10m with up to 100 staff and a management team of 15. From here he moved into the private sector as a Business Development manager taking on responsibilities for Health & Safety, Human Resources and Marketing.

Malcolm now runs his own company called MSP business services (management, safety & personnel)

Malcolm’s excellent communication skills enable him to work with business owners and managers to identify and manage risk in relation to people and processes with regard to Health & Safety and Human resources, to help create a safe working environment that meets the current legislation requirements.  Malcolm is a member of IOSH (institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and a member of the CMI (Chartered management Institute).

With MSP business services Malcolm has worked with a wide range of organisations, including start-ups, micros and SMEs and he operates in all spheres of industry and commerce.

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