Here are a few examples of feedback received from participants on some of our recent programmes.  Please do contact us if you would like more information about what’s included: audrey@thewayahead.org.uk

Managing your Time Better
“Audrey was great and very personable – we all felt encouraged and able to discuss the difficulties we find in the establishment even though we were amongst colleagues. I would recommend this course to others – more specifically to those who struggle with organisation and time management”                                                                        

February 2015

Managing relationships

“The last coaching session has helped me massively and I am starting to pull things together now”     February 2015


“It hit home, how I could improve as a manager and then get the best out of my staff”
May 2014

Leading to a Highly Motivated Team
“…(learned) how to look at staff individually, listen and observe, to match/help them to work better, and change my style to help them achieve within my business.”
April 2014

Train the Trainer
“Probably the most interesting course I’ve attended.”                  March 2014

Basics of Surfing the Internet & Using E-Mails
“Made more aware of how important it is to be prepared, and to be more organised. Also I need to delegate more and learn to say `No’.”
November 2013

Organisational Development
“Really enjoyed the course and found it simulating, thought-provoking and interesting.”                                                    November 2013

Microsoft Project Management
“Very useful and informative course. Thanks very much and looking forward to coming back.”
April 2014

Microsoft Excel
“”(learned) how to save so much time. eg. Days with all the shortcuts, etc. Learnt new methods which are very relevant….excellent course, built to suit my needs.
December 2013

Managing Customer Service
A thoroughly enjoyable experience for someone who was terrified of ‘going back to school’”
“Very professional and recommended”
August 2013

Managing Business Relationships
“(How to) learn listen more and not dive in.”
“A very useful course with valuable insights.”
January 2014

Starting up your Own Business
“All aspects or sections of the course have taught me some useful information about both myself and how to approach business. This is especially relevant in meeting, finance and marketing techniques”                                                                August 2013

“With the confidence and knowledge you passed on to me, I took the plunge. I am very happy with the trading results, with no borrowings needed…… the course …gave me the confidence I needed to make a better quality of life for me and my son”
June 2014

Managing Performance
“Very relevant…lots of good real life examples and drawing on our own experiences….”
March 2013

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