Dorset based 1-day Training Course

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Who is this course designed for?

Front line management, who need to understand the value of networking, and how best to influence and negotiate with others to achieve their objectives.

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About your Trainer: Audrey

What is in the Course?

  • The nature, purpose and value of networking
  • Identification of relevant types of networks
  • Techniques for influencing others
  • Methods to establish and maintain effective professional relationships at various levels
  • Formal and informal negotiation
  • Negotiation strategy, tactics and behaviour
  • Value systems and other barriers to acceptance
  • `BATNA`
  • Overcoming deadlock to achieve a ‘win-win’ situation

What are the Course Outcomes?

  • Explain the value of networking
  • Identify an appropriate work-based network for yourself
  • Describe methods to establish and maintain effective relationships with the identified network
  • Explain the general principles of negotiation
  • Explain a relevant technique for influencing others to achieve workplace objectives
  • Describe how to reduce resistance and minimise conflict to achieve a ‘win-win’ situation in the workplace during negotiations