Financial Awareness for Business Leaders

Dorset based 1-day Training Course

Basepoint-Meeting room

How to better manage business facts and figures

Who is this course designed for?

For the ‘non-specialist’ in the financial aspects of the company – to be able to better manage the facts and figures side of the business.

Price: £225 + VAT

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01202 788277

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About your Trainer: Audrey

What is in the Course?

  • What makes a successful business?
  • The Risk: understanding budgets and what’s what in the Profit & Loss Account
  • The Ready: creating a cashflow forecast and the ‘money-go-round’
  • Calculating sales breakdown
  • How to choose the right Costing and Pricing policy for the business

What are the Course Outcomes?

  • Discovering what compromises the assets and liabilities of the Balance sheet
  • Reviewing the record of business activity and profitability for the record
  • Establishing the ground rules for safety, liquidity and profitability
  • Exploring the art of interoperating and analysing financial information