Managing Business Relationships (Overcoming conflict)

Dorset based 1-day Training Course

Basepoint-Meeting room

How to avoid conflict with customers and colleagues.

Who is this course designed for?

For people who are struggling to transact effectively with customers or colleagues, particularly when conflict situations arise or have the potential to do so.

Price: £225 + VAT

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About your Trainer: Diana

What is in the Course?

  • Understanding why we behave the way we do (Strength Deployment Inventory®)
  • How others ‘see’ us and our communication style
  • How to relate and communicate effectively with others
  • Conflict causes, triggers and behavioural changes
  • Conflict stages and how to recognise them
  • Using assertiveness behaviour to diffuse conflict
  • A tool to manage your own response to conflict and those of others.

What are the Course Outcomes?

  • Recognising behavioural and communication differences between people.
  • Understanding how our own behaviour affects others.
  • Understanding when conflict may develop and how to resolve it.
  • Finding ways to work towards the creation of a positive and harmonious work environment