Microsoft Access Advanced

Dorset based half-day Training Course

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Who is this course designed for?

Aimed at users of Access who have attended the Microsoft Access Intermediate course or who already possess intermediate skills. In this course you will learn advanced Access skills, which will enable you to enter complex information into a database; retrieve information by creating advanced queries and produce effective reports.

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What is in the Course?

  • Working with a relational database: understanding what a relational database is; defining database terminology; planning a database; understanding one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships; setting referential integrity; working with the relationship window.
  • Creating a database and tables: creating a database; creating tables; defining field names and data types; setting field properties; creating a primary and secondary key; creating lookup tables; identifying problem data; setting data integrity; working with sub-datasheets; amending data using wildcards and search operators.
  • Checking data: working with security options; removing duplication; verifying data; checking calculations; managing other’s work; logging, reporting and dealing with application errors; troubleshooting.
  • Working with queries: sorting, filtering and setting multiple criteria in query design; cross-tabulating data; working with action queries: to update and amend data; working with logical operators.
  • Using forms: working with field characteristics and layout; selecting and updating fields; creating new records; finding and replacing data; using search operators; error checking; formatting forms; using lookups; creating sub-forms; working with data entry errors.
  • Working with reports: Designing and printing reports; customising reports and working with styles; using menus, wizards and shortcuts; using templates.

What are the Course Outcomes?

To use a range of Access tools to select and use advanced software tools. You will learn how to:

  • create a relational database
  • enter complex information into databases
  • retrieve information by creating queries using multiple selection criteria
  • produce reports by setting up menus or shortcuts