Setting Team Objectives

Dorset based 1-day Training Course

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What is in the Course?

Urgent v. Important tasks
  • Identifying how much time is taken up in doing Unimportant things; acknowledging whether sufficient time is set aside for proper consideration for really essential decisions; accepting which activities could be done by someone else.
Your own approach
  • Good time management is about developing a positive approach, a positive attitude and the motivation to change
Key results
  • Estimating how long jobs need, and then responding flexibly, on a day-to-day basis, to focus on priorities until tasks are completedsuccessfully
Providing direction
  • For example, the skills to plan and lead a complex work activity
Facilitating innovation and change
  • Being able to assess the implications of change so that you can manage it effectively, and strategies to encourage innovation in your team
Achieving results
  • Techniques for making strong, effective decisions, and finding and implementing solutions

What are the Course Outcomes?

The key principles in preparing yourself for a professional approach to setting team objectives to achieve your targets.

  • Urgent v. Important tasks
  • Your own approach
  • Key results
  • Providing direction
  • Facilitating innovation and change
  • Achieving results