Solving Problems

Dorset based 1-day Training Course

Basepoint-Meeting room

How to tackle problems more effectively and how best to resolve them

Who is this course designed for?

Problems happen every day and – in business life especially – they can be quite costly and time consuming. Identifying the true causes in a systematic way, rather than merely dealing with the superficial symptoms, is the key to success.
For managers, supervisors and team leaders, this workshop will help you more practically to tackle problems and decide how best to resolve them.

Price: £225 + VAT

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About your Trainer: Diana

What is in the Course?

  • What’s the problem…?
  • Identify the cause(s) of the problem
  • Collecting information about the problem
  • Analysing and interpreting the data gathered
  • Generating alternative solutions
  • Deciding what works best
  • Implementing the chosen solution
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the end result

What are the Course Outcomes?

  • Know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact
  • Know how to gather and interpret information to solve a problem
  • Know how to solve a problem
  • Know how to plan the implementation and communication of decisions