Team Development

Dorset based 1-day Training Course

Basepoint-Meeting room

How to develop and maintain trust at work

Who is this course designed for?

Front line management, who need to understand how best to develop and maintain trust at work, and how to build an effective team.

Price: £225 + VAT

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About your Trainer: Nikki

What is in the Course?

  • Characteristics of groups and teams – the differences, examples within the workplace
  • The Theory of group formation
  • How to identify team roles (e.g. Belbin) and the uses and implications for managers
  • Building a balanced team to achieve objectives
  • Differences between people, and the effects on relationship building
  • Social skills appropriate to the workplace
  • Range of behaviours which develop, maintain and destroy trust at work
  • The importance of maintaining confidentiality in the workplace

What are the Course Outcomes?

  • Identify the difference between a group and a team
  • Explain those behaviours which could develop and maintain trust at work, and those which have the opposite effect
  • Briefly describe the stages of an established model of group formation
  • Explain why confidentiality is important in building and maintaining trust in the team
  • Explain how a manager could benefit from knowing team members’ preferred team roles