Why don’t managers `engage’?


CIPDAudrey says: Sadly, this extract from a recent study of 1,500 employees of large Western European businesses shows that managers still aren’t learning how to get the best out of their staff – simply by communicating better with them. UK stats show:

  • 56 % said their line managers were average, poor or very poor at providing regular feedback
  • 29 % only said their company was proactive at engaging with them
  • 30 % turn instead to peers for support at work
  • 30 % said their friends and colleagues at work had the biggest impact on how engaged they felt
  • 56 % believe engagement can increase productivity
  • 37 % said it would reduce the likelihood of them looking for work elsewhere
  • 35 % said it could increase their ability to provide creative ideas to their company
  • 30 % said they would give better customer service if they felt engaged
  • 53 % said recognising their achievements should be management’s focus, followed by helping them to understand their contribution to the company (35 %) and giving them the opportunity to work on exciting projects (34 %).

The research suggests a key area where businesses can improve employee engagement is through proactive management styles and better communication.

So, come on, folks! Upgrade your leadership and management skills and improve the workplace for your people.

Vicki Arnstein People management 24 Sep 2015

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